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48 BINGO, Killeen, Texas

Amvets Post 91
Boys and Girls Clubof Georgetown
Killeen Evening Lions Club
Midtown Youth Inc
St. Joseph Catholic School



Charity begins at bingo halls!


Bingo – is not just an exciting game but is also a great way to raise funds for charity. 48 Bingo in Killeen, Texas is one such bingo destination that organizes various bingo games and events with an aim to raise maximum funds for charity organizations across Killeen.

How it works?

When players buy bingo cards at 48 Bingo hall in Killeen TX, a portion of the amount paid for the bingo cards is used to pay for the prizes and jackpots; and the rest is given to the charities. The more the sales of bingo cards, the more funds will be raised for charity. Keeping this in mind, we make sure that we retain our old bingo players along with luring more and more new players at our bingo halls. For this, we keep on organizing fun filled events and bingo games for all of our players in Killeen, Texas. All in all, 48 Bingo hall in Killeen TX is a great platform for those who want to reach out and help the society in some way.

At our bingo hall, the players get value for their money by getting an opportunity to entertain themselves and interact with new people. They even stand the chance of winning prizes. A lot of importance is given to prizes at 48 Bingo as we believe that cash prizes and jackpots work as an incentive to encourage more people to participate in such activities. You can even treat yourself to yummy snacks and drinks at our Killeen bingo hall. All the proceeds will go to charity while you enjoy yourself.

Come and play your favorite charity bingo games at 48 Bingo!